My Vision

Kelowna is the fastest growing city in Canada and a city with the third fastest growing downtown in the country.
Economists predict the city’s population will grow to 250,000 people within the next 20 to 30 years as Kelowna remains a hot spot because of its fabulous quality of life.
This growth creates exciting opportunities for our city. Kelowna needs strong effective leadership that is not afraid to make bold brave decisions that will give people what they need and want.

A recent survey put the quality of life at the top of the list for our citizens.
We need to balance that with a sense of safety, dealing with crime, preserving the environment, agricultural sustainability, and providing housing, and decent employment opportunities.

Here are my priorities as we move forward:

  • Building a safe city.
  • Attainable and affordable housing.
  • Environmental preservation and continued support for agriculture.
  • Lobbying for a better transportation network with different levels of government.

We are already seeing the growth of our expanding tech sector, educational institutions, wine industry and so much more. But with these dynamic opportunities come many challenges which we need to face head-on.

In the last three terms, I have been a loud and strong voice for agriculture, making sure our producers get the support they need to be viable, speaking up for safety issues that affect our citizens, responded to citizens' needs however big or small they may be and now I have raised concerns about the increasing height in our downtown community. I am not afraid to advocate for issues I believe in. With climate change having a direct impact on our lives we need to seriously take stronger measures to preserve our environment. It's something I do and will continue to advocate for.

Creating a healthy, inclusive progressive community is what I have worked on and will continue to strive for. With the many high-rises being built I want to ensure our city doesn’t end up being a concrete jungle.
At the center of my mind when deciding is always, “how will my decision impact the lives of our citizens and the future of our city.”

I want to continue to lead in a collaborative manner that will always put you first and always want to be Your Voice on the council.

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