Who I am

I immigrated to Canada in 1983 from New Delhi, India with my mother and sister. After working for a few years in retail (Value Village, Surrey) and at the IWA Credit Union (New Westminster), my passion led me to journalism. After finishing the program at BCIT, my journey brought me to Kelowna where I started a fantastic career that spanned over 20 years as a journalist with CHBC Television and CBC Radio.

I was always an avid volunteer in our community. After retiring from journalism in 2009, I continued my volunteer endeavours. I remained highly active and involved with numerous community organizations and our major academic institutions. In November 2011, I was elected as a city councillor becoming the first ever Indo-Canadian woman elected in Kelowna. In all my personal, professional, and volunteer endeavours, I have worked hard for social justice, community capacity building, and a genuine commitment to improving the quality of life for all citizens in the community. I have spoken at events to build bridges between communities helped organizations that need support. On a personal level I have a daughter, son in law and 12 grandchildren. The grandchildren come to me from different connections. It is love that binds us not blood. It is the desire to give our children a healthy, progressive community and a place they can study, and work that propels me forward to serve our community the best I can.


To donate to the Mohini Singh election campaign please e-transfer to hello@mohinisingh.ca